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Chain Anklet Silver - Amethyst

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A unique and handmade anklet featuring natural Amethyst crystal stones on a high quality sterling silver chain anklet.

The amethyst anklet is adjustable and can be worn on the ankle loose or firm.

Wearing this amethyst anklet will bring you the healing power if the amethyst Crystal as it touches your body.


  • High quality Sterling Silver Plated Chain
  • Natural Purple Amethyst stones
  • Adjustable chain and clasp closure

How to wear

This Amethyst anklet is made to wear everyday to complement your bohemian style. Also wear to benefit from the healing properties of Amethyst Crystal.

Keep the crystal close to your skin and feel the energy from the stone.

The delicate anklet is beautiful worn on its own, or layered with another anklet.

Amethyst crystal

Amethyst is a mineral variety of quartz that is soft violet to light lavender in colour.

The stone is believed to be sacred to Buddha and used for making prayer beads.

Hold your amethyst close to your body to receive its power.