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Inspired in Bondi Beach, Australia.

Founded in 1999 with a simple vision to create handcrafted jewellery that will be loved for seasons to come.

Handcrafted jewellery inspired in Bondi Beach, Australia.

Poco Loco was founded in 1999 with a simple vision: to create handcrafted jewellery that will be loved for seasons to come. Our jewellery is nature-inspired and kind to the environment. It’s a representation of who we are, as individuals and as a brand. We curate each and every design to inspire something new.   

We take inspiration from our South American heritage and the beautiful Australian coast to create pieces perfect for everyday or festival wear. Our line of bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and rings pair perfectly together to nurture your free spirit. 

We promise honest service and prices... always. We want your experience with Poco Loco to keep you coming back. Have a question? Reach out to our customer service team and we’ll help you with your order or in-store purchase. We have over 20 years of experience and happy customers that say how great it is to express yourself with Poco Loco. 


Meet Adrian Arcuri, founder of Poco Loco

Adrian was raised in Argentina and from an early age loved to travel and learn about local customs and cultures. This is where he learned about the traditions of jewellery making in South America. This interest became a passion, and soon he began collecting handcrafted jewellery from his travels with plans to sell it on the streets during his travels to Europe. 

It wasn’t until he moved to Australia in 1990 that Adrian began developing real experience in the jewellery and fashion industry. He founded Poco Loco in 1999, and with the help of artisans from across the world, began selling a unique line of jewellery throughout Australia. Poco Loco has helped crafters from many different countries grow their local tradition of jewellery making and bring it to the global market.  

Today, Poco Loco trades at many markets, music festivals and shows throughout Australia. We also sell in local boutiques and online so that you can always get the Poco Loco jewellery you want, delivered to your door. 

We are committed to sustainable jewellery making that helps YOU express who you are from within. 

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