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Sterling Silver ear cuff


Our curated range of ear cuffs are crafted from 92.5% Sterling Silver and designed to last.

Iconic Bohemian Style: The Ear Cuff

A jewellery staple for boho fashion is the ear cuff. Complement your earrings by adding an ear cuff layer make a simple statement with a single sterling silver ear cuff worn high on the ear cartilage.

Your bohemian dream style can be created with the simple addition of a timeless sterling silver ear cuff.

How To Style Your Ear Cuff Jewellery

Pretty ear cuffs can be worn on their own, layered or stacked, or worn on both ears or one ear to create a decadent and rich look.

Our range of ear cuffs includes both minimalist and more decorative designs that can be paired together or worn on their own.

Completing a boho look is easy with the addition of a simple ear cuff, or for summer days by the pool or soaking up the sun at the beach, add a more decorative sterling silver ear cuff to your fashion choice.

Festival Style

Non-pierced ear jewellery is also an excellent choice to complete your festival outfit, particularly for the Summer festival season where long hair, singlet tops and gladiator sandals are a popular choice for style.

If you’re into layering jewellery, choosing multiple earrings and ear cuffs for layered style, such as a necklace and again for bracelet wear can carry through to your choice of ear cuff jewellery. Our fine double bar toe ear cuff is a great minimal and subtle fashion statement for an effortless look.

Ear cuffs are a great excuse to tuck your hair behind your ear and choose your bright and bold colour earring to make a statement, or for a more elegant and understated look, choose a plain silver earring to wear with your ear cuff.

Surf Style

An ear cuff completes a classic relaxed beach look that features and draws attention to your relaxed visage.

Ear cuffs are worn by both men and women, and are featured prominently in surf style for any gender.

Traditional beach wear goes perfectly with a barefoot style in an open toe sandal or comfy pair of thongs. Let the summer breeze move through your hair and reveal your surf style ear jewellery.

Which Ear Should you Wear an ear cuff on? 

Our sterling silver ear cuffs are designed to be worn on either or both ears. You can choose to wear a one off, or choose multiple cuffs to layer.

Ear cuffs are designed to be worn by anyone on either ear of your choosing.

Adjustable Comfort

Our hand selected range of ear cuffs are all designed to be adjustable to ensure comfort and wearability.

The adjustable feature is designed as an opening at the back of the ear cuff to suit any ear shape or size.

Our ear cuffs are designed with no sharp edges to maximise your comfort. Rolled edges and well crafted joins mean you can wear our jewellery every day and into the evening.

Wear your ear jewellery with confidence.


Our ear cuffs are all adjustable, meaning you’ll have no hassle choosing the right size and are generally one size fits all.

There you have it, your complete guide to ear cuff jewellery. We wish you happy shopping and look forward to you tagging us in your instagram feed and stories @pocolocostore