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Black Obsidian Suede Choker

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  • Hand made item
  • Materials: 60cm Black suede cord adjustable and around 3.5cm Obsidian pendant.
  • PS: Due to nature of gem stones each piece will vary slightly in color and pattern.
  • Obsidian -  Scorpio  It is a grounding stone. Obsidian¹ helps to clean and remove negative energies and assists in releasing emotions that cause negative energy such as anger, fear, jealousy and greed.

How to wear

This precious stone is designed to be worn as a choker style necklace with a soft black suede adjustable necklace.

If you prefer to wear the necklace longer around the neck, we also have a black Obsidian Necklace you may be interested in.

What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass created when lava quickly cools and forms a crystalline structure¹.

It is a type of hard igneous rock and is comprised mainly of silicon.

What is Obsidian good for?

Obsidian is a healing stone used for protection and absorbs negative energy from all your surroundings.

It is also known to relieve digestive discomfort and symptoms.